Brandon Airport Front Desk

YBR Lost and Found Policy

Items left behind at Brandon Municipal Airport are turned in to different agencies depending on where they are found. If you know the approximate location where your item was left, please contact the corresponding agency directly. If in doubt, please contact Airport Staff for assistance.

Aircraft or Boarding Area | The air carrier you flew with:
  • Brandon Flying Center | 204-728-7691
  • WestJet | 204-727-0615
  • ExecJests | 204-412-JETS (5921)
  • Maple Leaf Aviation | 204-728-7618
For all other areas of Brandon Municipal Airport, including the Security area, contact the Airport Operations Coordinator at 204-729-2441 or the Airport Chargehand at 204-729-2167.
  • Leave your contact information (name, phone number and/or e-mail address)
  • Date and Location the item was lost or last seen
  • A detailed description of the item (if it is a cell phone, please leave the number of the cell phone, the service provider and the brand of the phone.)