Wall of Fame

The goal of the Aviation Wall of Fame at McGill Field, Brandon Municipal Airport, is to recognize and commemorate those who merit recognition for their outstanding contributions to Brandon Airport's long history and successes in aviation.

Since 1946, the Brandon Municipal Airport has been used for general aviation and there have been many people who have contributed to its history.

To be considered for this honour, the Nominee must have been affiliated with Brandon Municipal Airport in one of the following categories:

  1. Aviation Achievement (pilot, maintainer, student, crew, support staff, anything related to aviation in general) — can be nominated for lifetime achievement or (e.g. long service at/on the airport) or for a single significant event.
  2. Aviation Pioneer or Builder (fostered or spearheaded the building of significant aviation programs, infrastructure or business at the airport).
  3. Aviation Industry Leadership/Community Outreach (Engaged in or supported airport/aviation-oriented activities that garnered outstanding recognition in Brandon, across Manitoba or the Canadian aviation community.

The Nominee can be living or deceased and must have been recognized for their contributions in aviation (military, civilian or both) and must have been connected to the Brandon Airport somehow. For example, demonstrated excellence in professional aviation, an extraordinary passion, or commitment to one of the three categories above (or a few combined). It could directly contribute to the Brandon Airport or aviation elsewhere but somehow had a strong connection to YBR. (e.g. trained here and carried that elsewhere)

Please submit two (2) copies of your entire nomination application: One with original signatures and full contact details. All applicable parts of the nomination form must be completed and the form signed by the Nominator.

Use a clear, easy-to-read font (at least 12 points) on 8 ½” X 11” paper. You may print on both sides where possible. If completing the form by hand, please print it clearly. Please do not submit applications in binders or report covers or include original documents or photos. Photocopies and scans will be accepted.

Provide a head and shoulders photograph of the nominee suitable for reproduction, if possible.

Two (2) letters of support supplementing the nomination are required from persons other than the Nominator. These letters must reference factual information, preferably additional to that in the Nomination document, and not just provide favourable opinions. Nominators are encouraged to provide letters from a variety of sources and to avoid Pro-forma endorsements. ALL letters submitted must include the return address, phone number and email address of the sender. If the letter is handwritten, this information should be printed so it is clearly readable.

The receipt of the nomination will be acknowledged. Nominators will be advised of the status of their candidate’s file after the final inductees have been confirmed for the year.

Nominations must be postmarked by May 31st to receive consideration by the Review Committee for that year.

Unsuccessful nominations will be held for five years and be included for reconsideration during that period. After five years, if a nominee has not been selected for induction, they can be resubmitted for nomination.

The Review Committee will sit in late June/early July.

Induction ceremony to take place annual in September.

For more information or to submit a nomination, please contact:

Greg Brown


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.