2022 Landing Fees (per landing)

Minimum $18.00
21,000 kg or less (per 1000kg's) $3.91
21,001 to 45,000 (per 1000kg's) $5.09
Over 45,000 kg (per 1000kg's) $5.96


2022 Terminal Charges

Based on carrier capacity

Capacity (Seats) - Non-International
0 - 15 $25.00
16 - 25 $38.59
26 - 45 $66.87
46 - 60 $96.54
61 - 89 $154.50
90 - 125 $215.38
126 - 150 $252.51
151 - 200 $349.06


Customs Fees

After 9/11, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) stopped providing Canada Customs services to Brandon. In order to regain customs services, the City of Brandon has to purchase customs services on a "per aircraft" basis. Brandon Airport will then charge this cost of customs fees directly to the aircraft owner. The airport is currently being charged by Canada Customs $500.00 - $1000.00 per aircraft.


Smaller aircraft can clear customs at the peace gardens free of charge. Runway 10 / 28 is 3000'. This airstrip can be found in the Flight Supplement under Dunseith/Int'l Peace Gardens, ND USA.


Registration Fees

An annual airport registration fee will be applied to all aircraft that are:

  • Based out of the Brandon Airport
  • Use the airport for training circuits
  • Piston powered aircraft only under 2500 kg

This fee is part of an overall fee structure intended to maintain airport infrastructure and services.


A. Flat Rate Annual Airport Registration Fee

This fee is good for a full year and covers all landings during the year. A sticker will be issued to all registered aircraft. The fee rate is $162.00 (includes GST) per year annually; or


B. Per Time Landing Fee

This fee is for light aircraft based out of the Brandon Municipal Airport, which is not covered by the annual sticker. A fee of $18 per landing will be charged.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Corey Pennycook at 204-729-7026.


Airport Fuel Concession Fee

Flat annual fee of $5,350.00


Airport Improvement Fee

Effective August 7 Annually: $10.70 per passenger departure.



Service/Machine charges - per hour or part thereof: $98.75