Airport History

The Brandon Municipal Airport is located west of Provincial Trunk Highway (PTH) 10, about two kilometers north of the City of Brandon limits. The airport was originally constructed by the Department of National Defense in 1941. It was developed for use as a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) flight training school under the Commonwealth Air Training plan. The original runway system was constructed in a triangular layout with asphalt Runways 08-26, 14-32 and 02-20 – 850 m x 30m (2788’ x 98’). With the prevailing wind from the west, Runway 08-26 is the runway that is predominantly utilized. After the Second World War, Runway 02-20 was decommissioned, and Runway 14-32 served as the cross-wind runway, until it too was taken out of service in 1996. Before it was taken out of service, however, Runway 14-32 was narrowed to 22.85m. Runway 08-26 was reconstructed to 1740 m in 1957 and was again upgraded and extended to 1990 m in 1983. During this project the runway pavement was narrowed from 60m to 45m, although sub drains remained on the 60m alignment.

Runway 14-32 is now operational for light aircraft traffic during daylight hours (no lighting) and has an improved gravel surface. In 2001, under ACAP and the City of Brandon funding, airside pavements and drainage were rehabilitated for Runway 08-26, Taxiways A&B and Apron 1.

Airside facilities include Low intensity approach lighting on the 26 approach and high intensity SSLAR for runway 08 along with a CAT 1 ILS. High intensity edge and threshold lighting on runway 08-26, medium intensity taxiway and apron lighting, VASIS for both 08-26 approaches, a VOR, an NDB, a VHF radio site, illuminated wind cones and mandatory instruction signs and a field electrical centre.